Project Owners

The fundraising process can be long and frustrating. Project owners / promoters have the difficult task of finding investors who are both interested in their project and for whom your project comes at the right time and place, and then provide them with the information they need to make an informed investment decision. This is where our new service comes in. Through registering your project on the platform, you make it accessible to an exclusive circle of investors mainly based in Switzerland.

Your project

In order to qualify for registration on the projects platform accessible to investors, the following applies:

  • The project must be ready to be presented to potential investors, and being complete with business plan, detailed financials.
  • The required investment size must be between USD 1 million and 20 million.

What you can expect from us:

  • Access to an exclusive circle of reputable investors mainly based in Switzerland.
  • Absolute confidentiality in processing your data and information.


  1. You register your project on the website. Registration is confirmed after a verification process conducted by our back-office.
  2. Once registered, you receive a standard teaser form to fill in.
  3. After checking the teaser by us, you submit to us a Non-Disclosure-Agreement for signature, and then send us the complete project documentation.
  4. Your project is submitted to our investment committee for evaluation.
  5. Once validated by the investment committee, we sign a commission (success fee) agreement with you.
  6. Upon receipt of the payment of the platform registration fee (see below), your project is published on the platform.
  7. When investors express their interest for your project, we facilitate the contact between you and them.

Fee structure:

  • Platform registration fee: USD 500 (excluding tax) payable once the project has been approved by our investment committee.
  • A standard / customary success fee of maximum 5%, depending on the form of capital raised and the investment size, is agreed on before publication of the project on the platform.