About Rainbow Unlimited

Rainbow unlimited gmbh is a Swiss company specialized in introducing, promoting and facilitating business links between Switzerland and Africa, through the organization of business events, the execution of mandates and projects and the organization of business trips to selected countries. The company also manages the Swiss-African Business Circle (www.sabc.ch).


Rainbow unlimited gmbh is the leading private actor in Switzerland when it comes to establishing or developing business links between Switzerland and Africa.


Our mission is to introduce, promote and facilitate business between Switzerland and Africa. We do this by engaging in three different business areas:

  • Own projects in selected African countries;
  • Organisation of business promotion events in Switzerland;
  • Operational management of associations/organisations which promote business links between Switzerland and Africa;

The Way We Work


One is good at what one likes to do. Facilitating business links between Africa and Europe to the benefit of both sides is our passion. This passion makes us go the extra mile for our clients.


Obstacles are challenges. Once engaged in a project, we stay put until the set objectives are reached.


Our activities are guided by clear ethical standards we can identify ourselves with. We give special attention to building strong partnerships with local networks. Complying with ethical standards implies total independence from political institutions.


Spotting business opportunities by taking an innovative and creative approach to business development is our strength.